Professional De-Hypnotist, Empowerment Coach

Professional De-Hypnotist, Empowerment Coach

Meet Kegan Remmey 


The short sweet version first:

I grew up as a chameleon, moving from city to city every few years. So, "Be like water" as Bruce Lee says, adapt to your environment because everyone wants to make friends fast, right?! This skill of being a chameleon by adapting to my environments was honed through the years as a "popular kid" in school, to being at the top of my class in the Marine Corps, and becoming a highly recognized Karaoke DJ in Denver. The art of influence has been a craft I have worked on all my life. I eventually became enthralled with helping people find their own ability to shine. Now blend all that with a STAGE…..and you get my comedy hypnosis show which makes my volunteers the stars, giving them the opportunity to shine! My show surprises with glee and inspires with conviction. 

Only read on if you want to know the nitty gritty...


Picture a life where all you do is what other people say.

That was my reality. I blamed every one else for my problems and gave away all my personal power to influence myself and the world around me. "NO MORE!!!", I said. Taking ownership for what happened around me changed everything. When I discovered hypnosis, I saw a vivid bright light of inspiration. Hypnosis helped me heal and transition through challenges like:

  • Growing up in a broken home
  • Addiction to 6+ hours of TV per day
  • Addiction to smoking cigarettes
  • Reverting to civilian life after 4 years in the Marine Corps
  • Long term relationship endings
  • Moving across the planet multiple times
  • Changing careers every 6 months for 3 years
  • My mother's death from cancer
  • Creating my own business.

Significant or unexpected life or body changes can be heartbreaking, devastating, disorienting or merely frustrating. There are many avenues and approaches to healing. Psychotherapy and counseling can help you identify unhealthy thoughts or responses to the change. They can help you develop better coping skills, find resources or make new plans. Therapy provides a safe place to express feelings of loss without judgment.

Sometimes these life changes become catalysts to dive deeper, reexamine beliefs and take a fresh look at well-established habits. Hypnotherapy; the use of guided relaxation, imagery and positive suggestion, tailored specifically for what you’ve experienced and what you wish to experience going forward, can be the essential ingredient in creating a more authentic and fulfilling life. Our wounds can become entrances for the energy of awareness, growth and transformation.


At this point you may be asking yourself, "How does hypnotherapy work and how can it help me?

Hypnotherapy processes are pathways into your subconscious mind. The subconscious is a part of the mind which many of us know little about, yet the subconscious is the source of many valuable tools, treasures and talents. All of your sudden insights, flashes of clarity and wellsprings of creativity come from your subconscious. All of your memories live there. Through hypnotherapy your body and conscious mind are relaxed and your attention is directed inward. You are then able to locate and activate your personal internal guidance system. WITH HYPNOSIS YOU ARE ABLE TO REVISIT AND TRANSFORM OLD MEMORIES, HIDDEN BELIEFS AND NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS. YOU CAN PLANT THE SEEDS FOR MORE EFFECTIVE AND HELPFUL BEHAVIORS RESULTING IN GREATER FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS.

How long will i need to be in therapy, how and what kind of results can i expect?

My clients have been able to achieve deep, powerful and long-lasting results. Because hypnotherapy and NLP directly address the root causes of issues or challenges, the length of treatment is typically short, usually between two and six months. Many clients report significant improvements within as little as one or two sessions. However, depending on their goals, some clients choose to continue working with me for up to a year.

How much will treatment cost?

Individual sessions are $100 per 90 minutes. I also offer package pricing for multiple sessions. Since each session builds on the session before it, I often recommend that clients commit to at least 4-6 sessions, after which time we can review your goals and your progress and determine whether or not more sessions are necessary.



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Change your brain, change your reality.