Face Your Dragon. Where you speak FROM is where you speak TO.

Face Your Dragon. Where you speak FROM is where you speak TO.


  • What you fear to accomplish because it requires you to act or be differently than you normally are.

  • That thing that has been on your todo list for weeks.

  • That confrontational conversation with your lover, boss, mom, etc.

  • To upset your social norm.

  • What If you have NO certainty that you’re on the right career path?

  • What if you don’t feel like you can trust yourself?

  • What if you have no idea why you do, what you do?!

  • What if you want to stop paralysis by analysis and trust your gut for making decisions?

    • If I try to answer “What is Intuition?” - I sense a pulling sensation in my body in one direction, ideas tend to pop up in my head instead of being forcibly directed. Answers to questions are like a surprise.

  • Travel feels like a great way to throw yourself into stronger relationship with this sensation vs being in an autopilot familiar environment. Complacent. Compass spinning rather than having a firm direction.

What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthwhile goal, a freely chosen task. —VIKTOR E. FRANKL, Holocaust survivor; author of Man’s Search for Meaning

I have decided to walk the Via Francigena Camino from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy…

2,048 km

90-ish days hiking

Its a lot like driving with the head lights on, you cant see where you are going but you can see far enough ahead of you to get there eventually.

Your dragon may be living honestly and not creating a fake version of yourself.. “Do IT for the GRAM!”

CERTAINTY = To be so fiercely sure of yourself you influence the world around you to believe in what you believe.

You Must Realize That If YOU LACK CERTAINTY, You Don’t Even Know What You Think About Yourself AND The World.

  • I aim to cultivate certainty by stripping away 80% of my life to find out what is truly important, necessary, valuable in my life. Then injecting and tracking success habits into my day as an experiment in productivity. - THE 80/20 RULE! - 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions.

My Current Goals With This Hike Sept 4th, 2019

  • Get 7 hours of sleep daily

  • Do Wim Hof breathing daily (10mins)

  • Read daily (1 hour)

  • Interview local martial arts instructors, clergy, farmers, entrepreneurs, hostel owners, teachers, musicians (unknown time commitment)

  • Singing exercises daily (10 mins)

  • Memorize 3 songs and play/sing with ukulele (hours and hours)

  • Post updates here…every 2-3 days. ( 2 hours each)

  • MEDITATE - BE PRESENT…(as much as possible)

  • Give away gifts I have…36 bubble wands, 30 fern leafs from Scotland as bookmarks, 2 necklaces from America, sing songs for anyone who will listen

  • Play Capoeira with local schools (90 minutes p/class)

  • Find local jam sessions to perform with (unknown time)

  • Learn to speak and read semi proficient ITALIAN (30 mins per day)

  • Continue to see coaching clients through ZOOM calls in the evenings (3-12 hours per week)

  • Listen ( I can do this all day!)

To be a performance coach, therapist, guide to anyone…requires that you have experienced a journey yourself in order to point out the signposts for others.

I have felt a bit hollow for over a year, as I have continued to put my dreams of travel and learning music on the back burner, and tell myself “I will get to that, tomorrow.”

Imposter syndrome is the result, feeling like you don’t deserve to be who you are being or being seen as. For me as a guide, “Who the hell am I to lead?!” is the crippling thought loop/Dragon to face.

Do what sparks joy in your heart and discover what joy is returned to you. - Marie Kondo, Decluttering Queen


  1. What is a dragon you are willing to face in your life?

  2. What 20% of actions you take bring you the most benefit?

Let's go to Scotland!

Let's go to Scotland!