Testimonials & Appreciation

Kegan is a gift from God and the universe that we all may benefit from. I met Kegan last year when he visited Ireland. His wisdom, work rate, compassion and love for his clients has to be experienced as I do not have the words to do him justice. Thank you Kegan for all your help and strength to you as continue to help others.
— John O.

I went to a session with Keagan because I wanted to feel calmer and more confident in every day life. Since I’ve gone, I do feel calmer and more grounded. People have commented on my demeanor and all my friends know me as a calm, happy, balanced person. People enjoy my softness and gentleness . I recommend going to Keagan for anyone who wants to improve an area of their life.
I even went back to address a separate issue and that has been going great as well. Thank you Keagan!
— Valencia V.

Excellent. Kegan really gets down to the core of things & is highly talented at what he does.
— Julianne B.