For deciding to stop smoking.

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Its amazing, I didn’t even want cigarettes any more, I should have done it years ago, using hypnosis was one of the greatest decisions of my life!
— Matt Damon

Hypnosis is a tool for re-programming your Unconscious mind.

  • Don't think of a red cat. Don't think of a red cat sliding in between your legs. Don't think of a red cat, sliding in between your legs, purring and going MEOW...what's happening for you? You see a picture of a cat yes?! Whatever we put our attention on is what we create more of. The mind doesn't process the word "NO" like you would only hears everything else because it responds to the pictures you make in your head. Change your attention, change your pictures...change your reality. In hypnosis, you guide your attention towards the resources and life you want, with the help of a hypnotist rapid change can occur because we make vivid, emotional pictures that drive new behaviors and beliefs into our psyches. 

top 5 reasons people fail to quit...

1. Arrogance

  • "I can smoke when I want, quit when I want...I'll quit...TOMORROW!"

2. socializing with the smoking crowd

  • You are the direct reflection of your 5 closest friends - emotionally, mentally, financially, physically.

3. willpower is not enough

  • Fighting yourself in order to stop smoking is HARD!!! It sucks up all of your attention.

4. people dont tackle the source of smoking behavior

  • This is where people stop smoking, then gain don't have to give anything just plain QUIT! People think we need cigarettes because they give us relaxation, friendship, rebel status, etc. We don't need the nicotine for that, when inside ourselves we can create 10 times those sensations with a little training.

5. patches and gum or weening off is still being addicted

  • Whether its patches, gum, lozenges, vape pens, sprays, you name it...this is still being dependent on the drug of nicotine. 

Easy and fun change

  • We think 90% of the same thoughts everyday, and they make up our personality. Hypnosis is like the ninja that maneuvers past the guard (conscious mind) and lays in new, desired thoughts or frames of reality that the subject requests to be their new truth.

Quit for good!

  • Our specialized hypnosis practice deals with our client's emotional, physical, and mental addictions to cigarettes. This fully covers the bases to knock cigarettes out of the park!

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  • To make you feel safe and solid in your decision for quitting, We provide the support you need to rest easy. If any cravings come up, we train you and give you 24 hr availability to an exercise that flushes out the urges for toxins giving you freedom again.

"I smoked for 47 years, I am amazed at how fun and EASY it was to quit smoking with Hypnosis. Thanks Kegan!"

~ John C.

"I was afraid about doing this but then Kegan guided me step by step and helped me feel confident I could do this, and gave me a totally new way of looking at cigarettes."

~ Roxanne H.

"I realized I was using them as a crutch, and I was angry about having to smoke...and now, I just don't care about smoking anymore, I don't need to."

~ Gerry S.

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