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Hello, hello, hello,

Many of you just came here for the down and dirty and if that’s the case – here is my “official bio”. This is the one people read before I step on stage or the one that would go on the back jacket of a book were I to write one. (I’M WORKING ON IT! GET OFF MY BACK, MOM.) If you want to get to know me even more, check me out on LinkedIn for some extra background info and links to other fun stuff I done did.


Official Bio

Kegan is a business and personal coach for creative entrepreneurs and those who want to become one. He works with lawyers who just wanna dance, programmers who wish they were potters and undercover Yogi CFO’s to integrate their professional lives with their authentic creative selves. He is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a background in military, public speaking, education, sales, management, leadership and karaoke DJ-ing.  His private practice is called “But I’m a Unicorn, Dammit!” and he is passionately working to help as many people as possible own up to the fact that they’re a unique fu($!@& snowflake. He is the META MVMT Practitioner of Denver’s META MVMT “Functional Training System the META 14“. He served as a United States Marine from 2006-2010 and he was a volunteer teenager’s mentor for 4 years with Colorado Youth At Risk. He looks majestic AF in purple.