welcome! Your mind has great powers...

Our show is volunteer based. So you and your friends that want to be the stars of the show join Kegan on stage to be hypnotized! Afterwards your friends, family, co-workers are guided through skits and situations that are sometimes flabbergasting, sometimes hilarious, and other times mystifying. The theme of the show is always inspiration to create the life of your dreams by tapping into the power of your mind, leaving everyone ecstatic and desiring more! 


Unique and inclusive comedy

This show is crafted to each audience and venue it is held in. That way you have the most personal experience. The show is family friendly and highly interactive. People walk away from these shows with memories they speak of for years to come! 


You are the stars of the show

Your personality comes through in the acts that you are directed through. We never know what will happen because every person's response is unique!


Hilarious fun for everyone

Allow the powers of the human mind to entertain and inspire you! Making you giggle with glee, howl with hilarity and maybe even leave with a whole new understanding of your unconscious mind!

Bring Comedy hypnosis to your event!

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