Stop Smoking Session


Stop Smoking Session

Imagine a life where you are totally healthy.Your lungs breath easily, you smell clean (most of the time! ha), you have multiple ways of relaxing and releasing anxiety, and you are a non-smoker. 

Inside this package you receive:

  • One 2 hour one to one session ( in person or video call)
  • Anxiety relief recording
  • Cravings Buster process you can do anywhere, anytime
  • Personal emergency recording to free you from intense cravings.
  • Access to a monthly free 2 hour Recovery Session that runs you through the entire stop smoking process for the rest of my practice lifetime.

All this is in place to make possible, putting cigarettes in your past, and keeping them there for the rest of your life. Buy now and look forward to healthy new future. Make this one of the best decisions you've made in your life.


Once purchased, Call to do a free consultation then book your session!


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