Freedom From Smoking
10:00 AM10:00

Freedom From Smoking

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Maybe you know someone who stopped smoking easily. They didn't struggle or fail, they just threw away the pack and never looked back. And when you ask them how they did it, they almost always say "I just made up my mind, I had enough." 

You can stop just that easily, immediately and permanently yourself. You don't need pills, patches, gum, supplements or audio recordings. All you need is the right information, the right motivation and the right attitude. All you have to change is your mind. 

Tobacco / Cannabis expert, NLP Practioner, Hypnotherapist, Strategic Intervention Coach (Tony Robbins Trademark) and former 10-year smoker, Kegan Remmey has worked with hundreds of smokers, chewers, vapers and other nicotine and THC users since 2013 in his full-time international practice.

Remmey's process is built around interactive NLP, auto-suggestion training, mental performance coaching and subliminal hypnotic techniques used throughout the entire presentation. The event is motivational, educational, entertaining and 100% focused on immediate outcome – there are no retail products or additional services sold, promoted or necessary. 

Seminar Topics Include: 

-- Principles of effective life-span decision making.

-- Proper techniques for self-directed behavior change.

-- Choosing the right motivational approach.

-- The antidote to Instant Gratification.

-- Why "willpower" is counterproductive, and what to use instead.

-- How some people stop easily while others continue to struggle.

-- Understanding triggers and how to conquer (not avoid!) them.

-- The anatomy of "Craving" and how to ignore it.

-- Turning self-doubt (learned helplessness) into self-confidence (positive expectation).

You'll learn how to take control of your own attitudes and behaviors, how to beat any physical or mental dependence, how to banish cravings and prevent relapse, and how to capture and retain the most important factor in any success, the power of positive attitude. The evening concludes with a free and optional guided meditation (hypnotic relaxation) for reinforcement. 

This is a 100% drug-free approach to stopping all forms of nicotine or THC. Many clients have used the process to stop vaping, e-cig use and/or chewing nicotine gum. The process is equally effective for immediate cessation and complete abstinence of Cannabis/THC.

This session will be conducted personally by Kegan Remmey in a theatre-style venue with a maximum of 30 participants to allow optimum comfort and personal space. 

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Private Coaching and two-person sessions also available.

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Comedy Hypnosis Show
7:30 PM19:30

Comedy Hypnosis Show

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See Hypnotist Kegan Remmey in this unpredictable night of zany antics as he directs his hypnotized volunteers to act out his every command. It's a little bit naughty, a little bit crazy, and every bit hilarious! Participate on stage, or watch from the audience, either way, it's a show critics are calling “Memorable for a lifetime”, “Fun and Inspirational”, “Kegan Makes You the Star!”.

What is Hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. Although many people are not aware, you pass through a state of hypnosis every night when you are falling asleep and every morning when you wake up. Hypnosis is often described as a deep state of relaxation and one of the best feelings someone will ever experience. One hour of hypnosis is equivalent to eight hours of sleep.

“Hypnosis is often described as a deep state of relaxation and one of the best feelings someone will ever experience.”

Is the show staged with actors?

  • The volunteers that are on stage during the Kegan Remmey Comedy Hypnosis show are just that – volunteers. They are real people, who have purchased tickets, want to experience the phenomenon of hypnosis and have taken the opportunity to volunteer to go up on stage.

Do I have to volunteer?

  • At the Kegan Remmey Comedy Hypnosis show, no one is forced to volunteer. However, if you would like to volunteer, about 5 minutes into the show, Kegan will ask all audience members who are interested in volunteering to come up on stage. This will be your opportunity to volunteer if you choose to do so.

Can I be hypnotized?

  • Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. Everyone can be hypnotized. Some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. However, your ability to be hypnotized is sometimes dependent on external factors such as environment, self-consciousness, your desire to be hypnotized, whether you have been hypnotized before, etc. This does not mean you cannot be hypnotized, it simply means that you may not go into a deep state of hypnosis when you volunteer on stage.

If you’re ready to have fun then Grab your tickets Now for a night you will always remember! 

Arrive early for the best seats in the house!

Doors open at 7PM.

Questions? Contact (760) 805-2232 or (860) 977-2846

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