Blue Steel


There's a mythical tale of a man named Zoolander who had just one problem; he couldn't turn left and it was holding him back from an illustrious modeling career. Does this sound like you? Do you have that one challenge in your life that is holding you back from greatness? Then this is the package for you! The Blue Steel is one to three 90 minute sessions (depending on the issue)  with a lifetime guarantee.  Most frequently people see me for:

  • Smoking

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Nail biting

  • Phobias


Results For Warriors


Are you striving for a complete shift in your life? To authentically express and achieve what you desire? Results For Warriors is a 12 week program that helps you influence yourself so that you breakthrough any obstacles. We meet twice weekly in different settings. Sessions are conducted in office, via Zoom, in your home, or out in the world to ensure the work is fully integrated into your life. Every 4 weeks there will be a workshop with other Results Warriors.